CIS Member States International Economic Forum

The International Economic Forum of the CIS member States took place in Moscow on March 28-29, 2024. The forum's motto was 'From dialogue to joint projects in the CIS, EAEU, SCO.'

The forum consisted of 21 sections, and over 2 thousand people participated. The participants discussed topical issues of cooperation between the CIS countries in logistics, customs, construction, industrial cooperation, migration policy, medicine, tourism, sustainable development, and other areas. The plenary session was attended by members of the CIS Economic Council, the leadership of the CIS Executive Committee, the executive bodies of the EAEU and the SCO.  The Forum was supported by the CIS Executive Committee as part of the action plan for the implementation of Russia's presidency in the Commonwealth in 2024.

During the forum's section on 'The mission of development institutions on the agenda of the CIS, EAEU, SCO', a report on international mediation and the Singapore Mediation Convention was presented by Zhakupov Zhandilda, head of the IHRC. Furthermore, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the forum and the Mediation Center of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

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